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Jelxis Sector - 1.0

Jelxis Sector is a simple game about dodge asteroids, rockets, an more asteroids.

Your Ship can go left, right and down. It can't go directly up so you need to combine left&right to go up. The more you take damage, the less visible it will be. 3 Life-Chargers, they will fill up your ship up to 250.


  1. Pause - Shift Key
  2. Life-Chargers - You can do this only 3 times in the game, press the spacebar to activate one - Joystick button Five
  3. Movement - Arrow keys - Joystick Sticks (some gamepads have a bug on this one, if your gamepad have the analog mode, use that)
  4. ESC - Quit the game.

Install instructions

  1. Download the installer (64 mb)
  2. Click on it
  3. Hit "Next" like a crazy man
  4. Hit "Jelxis Sector" shortcut on your desktop
  5. Enjoy (or at least try)


Jelxis_Install.exe 63 MB
DBProCameraDebug.dll 121 kB

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